Cleaning Services


Green Machine can provide a serviced dust mat facility for all standard and logo mats in your own choice of colours and sizes. Dust mats will improve your business image and presentation for your own staff and customers providing a fresh, clean image. Every mat is laundered and replaced every time, and are manufactured from solution-dyed nylon – efficient in retaining dirt and moisture to protect your floors and to reduce your cleaning needs.


The complete office recycling solutions package for paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, vending cups, batteries, fluorescent tubes, glass, printer cartridges, mobile phones and larger WEEE items. Once you have a minimum of 10 bags of office paper plus other materials, we can arrange collection either on a scheduled basis, to maintain a simple and reliable service, or on-demand should your company be going through archive clear-outs or larger volumes.


As one of our additional cleaning services we offer maintenance and ad-hoc carpet cleaning including dry method HOST, extraction carpet cleaning and bonnet buffing. Hard floors maintenance plans and specialised cleaning includes deep cleaning of all types of flooring, including Altro flooring.


All types of external and internal glazing (all levels): Ab-sailing window cleaning, access platform window cleaning, self-drive and lorry mounted platforms, spider access work for internal cleaning, cradle work, ladder-less, poling system using de-ionised water, and scaffold tower work. Routine and one off deep cleaning and kitchen cleaning includes all types of ducting, stainless kitchens and a full range of kitchen equipment.


Green Machine operate a wide range of steam cleaning systems that operate
above 130°C to cleanse surface areas, killing bacteria and dust mites and
eliminating odour. Areas infected by MRSA and other super bugs can be also cleansed using our steam cleaners. We can arrange for a one-off service or a regular steam cleaning facility if required, thus ensuring that your workplace is safe and hygienically clean for your staff and visitors.


Did you know that Green Machine also perform portable appliance
testing as one of our key primary services? We can arrange for a one-off or an annual service as required, thus ensuring that your workplace is safe and compliant at all times.


Our feminine hygiene disposal service fully meets the need for something other than simply flushing waste products down the toilet or placing them in a waste bin. For you it provides the safeguard of knowing that health, social and environmental concerns have been dealt with satisfactorily. More importantly the legal issue is covered. For women, we therefore provide a clean, safe, hands-free system.


Washing, thoroughly cleaning and drying your hands is a simple but vital necessity in a washroom. In situations where continual hand washing is not possible we offer hand sanitisers – perfect for first-aid rooms, catering, kitchens, surgeries, schools, food preparation factories, and anywhere where there is no regular hand wash facility close by.


With our pest control services we can rountinely monitor and remove (when required) any creatures that may cause disturbance and damage to your premises and reputation, efficiently, humanely and in an environmentally friendly way. the costs of infestation can be very high in terms of the damage caused and the disruption to your business, we recommend taking preventative measures to remove the threat.


We believe in GIVING FIRST
When you become a Green Machine customer, your first Deep Clean will be FREE!

Free Deep Clean

Waste Disposal

A programme of waste services for small to large organisations.

We will arrange a scheduled service day at your site on which we will collect and exchange full bags/bins for empties from a designated location and replace stock. Collection information is entered into a PDA (personal digital assistant) by an operative who verifies this with a signature and an accompanying client site representative signature. An electronic Guarantee of Destruction Certificate / Waste Transfer Note can also be provided within 48 hours.

After completing its daily collections our confidential vehicle returns to one of our sites where the off-loaded bags are opened under CCTV camera and emptied into the shredder reception area. The confidential paper moves on a conveyor belt into a sorting area where any contaminants are removed. The material then enters the shredding hopper to be shredded into cross-cut strips which are immediately transferred to an automatic baler to produce ‘wire-tied’ 500 KG bales.

The bales are stored on site then transferred to paper mills where the paper is recycled into toilet roll and tissue products.