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Green Machine are now BFA members

We are proud to announce we are now Provisional Members of the BFA (British Franchise Association). Our BFA Listing provides the Green Machine Franchise opportunity proof of a successful trading record in the UK. It shows our franchise agreement meets the BFA’s Code of Ethics and we can demonstrate that our development programme is founded on good franchising practice.

We feel that becoming bfa members offers us invaluable advantages. As well as offering potential franchisees the reassurance that our business model meets high code of ethics standards, we can also gain from the support received by becoming members.

More on the BFA

The British Franchise Association has been responsible for setting high quality standards for UK franchising since 1977 and through this process the industry has grown to provide fantastic opportunities to UK businesses and people eager to invest with franchise brands. The association delivers a globally leading education portfolio and provides a value rich platform for franchisors, franchisees and professional advisers to connect.

Joining the British Franchise Association involves a thorough accreditation of a franchisor’s history and standards, which is why membership is important for the credibility of any brand that’s proud of its model and wants to attract the best franchisees to its network.

Members commit themselves to comply with the terms of the following bfa policies and procedures:

  • The Code of Ethical Conduct
  • The Disciplinary Procedure
  • The Complaints Procedure
  • The Appeals Procedure

Members also agree to:

  • comply with the Code of Advertising Practice as published by the Advertising Standards Authority.
  • provide to the association any non-confidential information relating to their franchise business or relating to the standing and qualifications of its directors, as may be requested by an authorised official of the association.
  • provide a full-time official of the association access (at reasonable times and on reasonable notice) to confidential information relating to the franchise and its standing (on the understanding that such information remains confidential to the authorised official).

The bfa operates an informal conciliation scheme and facilitates mediation and arbitration schemes. These services are available to franchisor members and franchisees who jointly agree to the use of these schemes.

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Interested in becoming a Green Machine Franchise? Visit our franchise website.

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