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You may feel that by covering the cleaning needs your business may have yourself would save you the hassle and costs of contract cleaning. However, it may prove to be quite the opposite. We have compared the benefits of both in this article so you can make an educated decision.

Contract Cleaning costs

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) estimates that in-house cleaning is, on average, 23% more expensive than contract cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning companies will work with you and your budget to create a service that meets the needs of your facility. Any good commercial cleaning company will pass on ideas on cost-cutting methods, that can reduce costs even further.



Hiring and maintaining an in-house cleaning team is very time consuming and inevitable staff issues are sometimes difficult to manage. A professional cleaning company hires and trains its own cleaners, so you don’t have to. They deal with all issues involving the cleaning staff and ensure that appropriate cover for sickness and holidays. This allows you to focus on more important issues, while knowing that your facility will be clean and well taken care of.



A contractor manages your cleaning program and the cleaning staff, leaving you more time to do other work. Cleaning staff training and performance evaluations are primarily handled by the contractor. You may have to continue to provide training on building safety and procedures, but the majority of training will be off your plate.

Cleaners need to be trained, motivated, and supervised. Outsourcing the management of your workplace cleaning can save you not only time but the cost involved as well. With contract cleaners, all staff are well trained in the correct office cleaning and hygiene techniques, giving you peace of mind.



Professional cleaning companies can often do a better job of cleaning. Having more technical knowledge and being in better touch with innovations and best practices. They will also have the latest cleaning equipment for cleaning. Including carpets, furniture and hard floors which can be very expensive for you to cover the costs of yourself.



Having your office cleaned should not be a hassle. By having the right commercial cleaner pay you a visit regularly, you can be sure your office is kept clean – and to a high standard.

What can Green Machine offer which other’s may not?

Green Machine’s focus and drive is to provide “GREEN” cleaning in the South West with a range of eco-friendly cleaning services.

But we are much more than just cleaning or focusing on the environment – we want to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the cleaning industry. Together we can create a healthy and clean environment for all of your staff, visitors, and customers within the workplace.

Our cleaning services are adaptable depending on the needs and size of your business. These range from local stand-alone buildings, to multi-site accounts supported by your own dedicated Green Machine contract manager, and of course our own 24/7 support team.

If you would like professional advice with no obligation, contact Green Machine SW, a South West- based cleaning company. We offer cleaning consultancy, cleaning audits, contracted commercial cleaning services, and one-off deep cleans. We take pride in delivering tailored cleaning solutions to fit your unique needs.

If you are interested, contact us today for a quote.


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