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Did you know… ‘The earliest known use of the term “spring cleaning” was in 1857. This is when people would start cleaning there houses and properties.’

Businesses are starting to think about reopening after the heavy lockdown restrictions which have been in place since the beginning of January. Some may have neglected regular cleans and put it off until some resemblance of normality returns.

Here at Green Machine, we have put together some helpful tips to get your space sparkling again and what a better time than spring. If you need more thorough and regular cleans, contact the Green Machine team today to find out more on what we can offer.

Office workspace and desks

Have a clear out – You may only have the opportunity to go through your office or workspace a few times a year, which over time many items may have accumulated. Take this time to ask your employees/colleagues to have a little clear out. Some may be on top of this, but others may need a little encouragement. Clear out items such as used pens, coffee cups, or sort through any stationery that may not have been used in a long time!

Organisation – Whilst your employees or colleagues are cleaning their workspaces, suggest making time to start organising through any paperwork or files. Start by throwing away or shredding anything outdated or unnecessary. If you need to keep certain old files, box them up and put them into a storage area. Take this opportunity to invest a little time into devising a filing system: label file folders or hang them alphabetically in a drawer.


Cleaning in large areas

As well as ensuring your employees/colleagues’ workspaces are tidy and organised, you may want to think about other areas which need a bit more of a thorough clean.

Carpets and hard floors – This is the best time to think about deep cleaning carpets and hard floors you may have. Over time dirt builds up on floors, and although it may look fairly clean a simple mop will not suffice. Depending on the type of flooring, dirt, and bacteria can be hiding in your floor and will need to be professionally deep cleaned. We advise your hard floors to be cleaned at least every 18-24 months depending on your footfall.

Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is very effective at killing bacteria, dust mites, and odour, as well as efficient at eliminating superbugs such as MRSA. Areas to steam clean would be commercial kitchens, washroom/restroom areas, hard floors, tiled walls, and grouting.

Window Cleaning – As well as putting off your regular cleaning routine, you may have also been putting off cleaning your office windows. Take this time to assess how often you need your windows cleaning and make an appointment to get your building reviewed. Clean windows make a big impression on visitors to your building, so you will want to ensure they are sparkling!

Spring Clean – A Yearly review

Spring is the season for cleaning and whether you currently have regular cleaning services already in place, be sure you are getting the most out of your cleaners. Why not evaluate your current suppliers and see what else is out there that may be able to provide a better service. As materials, supplies, and environmental aspects advance and evolve, your cleaning should reflect these changes.

Eco Cleaning

Here, at Green Machine, we solely operate an environmentally friendly cleaning service that performs just as well as a chemical clean. We use green cleaning products which are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don’t negatively impact the environment. The products not only have a positive impact on the environment but as they do not contain any harsh chemicals, it ensures the air in the spaces which we clean is pollution-free.

Make a change this spring and contact Green Machine to get your cleaning back on track and in the right direction with Eco cleaning!

Find out more about Green Machine.

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