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TUPE stands for the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations and its purpose is to protect employees if the business in which they are employed changes hands. Its effect is to move employees and any liabilities associated with them from the old employer to the new employer by operation of law.

When selecting a commercial cleaning contractor, they will manage the TUPE process itself and administer any staff members that were cleaning your premises that transfer to their employment under TUPE. This is particularly important if the cleaning is to a low standard or inconsistent.


Read the following factors which are critical when choosing a new cleaning contractor and where TUPE is applicable.

Staff Induction

Your new cleaning contractor should ensure that any cleaning operatives who transfer to their employment under TUPE are taken through a comprehensive induction process. This will provide employees with a full understanding of the company’s values and expected behaviours. It is also an opportunity to identify specific training requirements any new employee may have.


Cleaners transferring under TUPE should be provided with advanced and ongoing training to make sure they can perform their duties to a high standard.

tupe training


As well as providing training, your new cleaning contractor must have provisions in place to monitor the performance of any cleaners transferring under TUPE. This particularly applies where any cleaner has failed to deliver adequate cleaning with their previous employer.

Ideally, your new office cleaning contractor will employ a team of field supervisors. One element of a supervisor’s role should be to regularly visit your premises to monitor service levels on an ongoing basis. You should also be able to easily contact your supervisor or your contractor’s office team to report any issues with the service you receive if or when they arise.

tupe performance

Cleaning materials & equipment

You should be provided with the correct materials and equipment to clean to the agreed high standards. They should quickly replace any equipment that becomes defective and has stock inventory processes in place to ensure that operatives do not run out of cleaning materials. Green Machine has an effective stock order process in place to ensure you will be stocked up at all times.

tupe equipment

Mobile cleaners to cover absences

Your new contractor should ensure you receive the same quality service in the event of any planned or unplanned absences of cleaners. If this were to happen your contractor most likely will have a team of mobile support cleaners so they can cover any absences. Here at Green Machine, we have a team of mobile support cleaners who are on hand to cover planned and unplanned absences to ensure you are always supported.

tupe cover

If you want to find out more about TUPE view the link for a detailed guide to the handling of TUPE transfers –
From: ACAS

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