Everyone wants to choose the best for their business. From your great employees to service providers including your cleaning Plymouth Partner, how do you know the Cleaning partner you choose has both the highest standards and the credentials you can trust.

In this article Green Machine SW asks the question” Cleaning Plymouth – How to find a cleaning partner you can trust

It is expected that with a larger number of cleaning service companies in Plymouth, choosing the right one for your business can be a difficult thing to do.

Most people tend to look for a professional cleaning Plymouth firm that provides high quality, good service and reasonable price. You make a checklist of all these attributes and choose the cleaning companies that specialize in them.

Surprisingly, you are still left with a few cleaning Plymouth companies like Green Machines SW. Now, what can you do to shortlist potential partners?

Lets assume the companies you have shortlisted all have other local business’s they support, provided a quick and thorough proposal and you feel comfortable with the sales proposition you have received.

A good way of finding the suitable match for your business is by looking at the industry associations of that particular cleaning provider.

What are Industry Associations?

Industry associations serve a purpose of quality assurance. They certify that a certain organization or company possesses the relevant skills and expertise. These associations are also made with the objective of providing facilities and other benefits to their members.

Organizations and Associations in the cleaning industry perform the activities mentioned above. They have some set standards regarding cleaning services and those who fulfill these standards are affiliated with them.

Many professional cleaning Plymouth providers claim to have the highest standards but only those who are a part of these industry associations and organizations actually possess such standards.

Green Machine SW is proudly affiliated with 4 such associations. These are

  1. 1. SAFEcontractor
  2. 2. The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BiCS)
  3. 3. ISO 9001 Registered Firm
  4. 4. Trees For Cities

These associations are indicative of the highest standards that are maintained by Green Machine SW. A little background about each of the above mentioned organizations can give you a fair idea of the high performance of the company.


It is an auditing organization that assesses the overall health and safety of your business. Green Machine SW has been accredited by SAFEcontractor for providing professional cleaning Plymouth services.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc)

BICSc is one of the largest cleaning standard body that helps in increasing the industry standards by promoting health education and training.

Our company is a part of this large network. Like many other cleaning Plymouth firms, our employees are trained and educated to uphold proper cleaning services.

ISO 9001 Registered Firm

This certification is accepted worldwide and shows that a company is legitimate and ensures quality. We, Green Machine, have gained accreditation to ISO 9001. This affiliation is in line with our motto of ensuring quality and health standards.

Trees for Cities

Tress for Cities is a registered independent charity organization that works hard and joins hands with other businesses to plant more trees.

They inspire their members and other individuals to take care of their neighborhoods worldwide by growing and loving trees around them.

Green Machines’ association with Trees for Cities is indicative of the fact that we love our surroundings and believe in eco-friendly living. Our products and services that are employed in cleaning Plymouth and its surrounding areas are all environment friendly.

So, now that you are aware of the highest standards maintained at Green Machine SW, you might be interested in contacting us.

Get in touch with us by calling at Phone: 01278 773666 or Mob: 07719 812 167

Or email us at jrellis@greenmachinesw.co.uk

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