Every day our customers tell us that they want more from their office cleaning Bristol suppliers, in general people are saying they want more value, more commitment, more management, more services and more communications when things are not going well.

At Green Machine SW, we have listened to our customers and we have focussed our business cleaning services in providing a better experience for our customers through better customer engagement and delivering our customers a better customer experience.

Lets not start by scare mongering, here at Green Machine SW we realise that most Bristol Cleaning companies provide an excellent service and excellent value, customers are generally satisfied with the service they receive until they go wrong.  A failure in the cleaning service, cleaners going absent, lack of management, equipment or materials etc etc.

But sometimes you want more than just cleaning from your office cleaning Bristol firm.

You want your cleaning service providers to not only clean your office, but take care of it as well.
You may also need your cleaners to take extra care of your property. Occasionally, you feel the need to be treated uniquely. You basically need professionalism with something extra added to it.
For those of you who are considering that need to be treated differently than Green Machine SW office cleaning Bristol services is exactly what you are looking for.

At Green Machine SW, we believe in three important steps of cleaning (also our slogan);

  • Clean.
  • Protect.
  • Care.

We not only clean your office, but we also protect and take care of your building as well

How Green Machine SW takes care of your office cleaning Bristol needs?

By Employing Highly Trained Staff

  • Our employees are the one who have to clean, protect and take care of your office cleaning. They are usually directly in contact with your company and are aware of the on-ground situation of your office.
  • Keeping this in mind, we employ only highly trained workers available in town. Our workers have to go through strict regulations. This helps them in growing into cleaning experts with BICSc training.
  • By Offering Customized Professional Cleaning Services
  • As you know your office better, we work the way you want us to. When it comes to cleaning, your needs always come first.
  • You just have to tell us the ambience and the overall mood you expect from your office. We will note down your needs and will perform in the same manner.

Via No Hidden Risks

  • Before even beginning our cleaning tasks, we provide our clients with Method Statements and Risk Assessments. Our clients then analyze along these lines and make their decision.
  • Our comprehensive insurance policy provides insurance to our employees. We communicated this information to our clients as well.
  • Our office cleaning services are crystal clear. With our clear policies, we are able to get such a large number of customers who trust us.

By Offering a One Stop Shop Experience

We offer many additional office cleaning services to our clients. These include:

  • Customized Dust Mats – These are manufactured, cleaned and customized by Green Machine.
  • Interior Landscaping – Additional plants can be added to your workplace in order to have a healthier environment.
  • Office Recycling Solutions – As our core policy, we believe in a cleaner environment and also help our clients in doing the same.
  • Carpet Care and Hard Floors – We care about your office floors as well as carpeted areas. So we devise maintenance plans for treating them carefully.
  • Window and Kitchen Cleaning – Our services are not restricted to cleaning rooms or washrooms only. We clean each and every part, either exterior or interior, of your office buildings.

So if you also want your business to be protected and taken care of then get in touch with us by calling us at 01278 773666 or emailing us at jrellis@greenmachinesw.co.uk

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