Green Cleaning, Safe, cost effective, efficient and friendly office cleaning Bristol

Green Machine SW knows that the green cleaning technology will be the dominant office cleaning technology of the future.

Here are 4 key reasons to engage Green Machine SW as your Office Cleaning Bristol or Office cleaning Taunton cleaning partner

  1. Green cleaning is safe; because we do not use harmful chemicals in our office cleaning process we do not leave harmful residue offer our Bristol cleaning teams have completed the cleaning schedules. We use less water and less chemicals and therefore the risk of slips and falls is reduced.
  2. Green Cleaning is efficient: the cleaning technology is in the systems we use such as micro fibre and chemical free cleaning ensures that our office cleaning operators spend their time cleaning and not walking the corridors looking for replacement cleaning materials and chemicals.
  3. Green Cleaning is cost effective: because we are not investing in chemicals and cleaning solutions we save you money on your daily office cleaning bills. We Invest in Green Cleaning solutions which will last longer and provide a better return on investment over a longer period.
  4. Green Cleaning is more friendly towards your staff, customers and the environment: the lack of harmful chemicals in the Green Machine Green cleaning process’s means that we do not leave chemicals nor chemical residue laying around. There are no harmful odours, gasses or after effects using green cleaning process’s with Green Machine.

Green Machine SW are experts when it comes to daily office cleaning however more and more organisations are turning to green machine, customers who are concerned about the experience of their customers.

Our Portfolio of Green Cleaning customers include:

a)    Schools: School Cleaning and using Green cleaning process is key as there are no chemicals that can fall into the wrong hands .  Imagine a school that left bleach or disinfectant in the washrooms and this was easily accessible to the school children. If you want a school cleaning service without the risk and at a reduced cost call Green Machine today.

b)    NHS: Doctors surgery’s, dental practices and small clinics, mixing chemicals with medicines is never a good idea and can easily cause more issues than it solves. Imagine opening sterile equipment and placing it onto of chemically cleaned (and residue) worksurfaces. Green Cleaning leaves no chemical residue as no chemicals are used. Our NHS cleaning processes are sterile and efficient cleaning solutions. If you want a Doctors surgery, dentist or small clinical facility cleaned properly,without the risk and at a reduced cost call Green Machine today.

Green Machine will manage the growing awareness about environmental issues for you

We have developed our industry leading cleaning process over many years and all of our Office cleaning solutions include a comprehensive portfolio of:

a) COSHH Assessments

c) Risk Assessments

d) Method statements

The primary objective of the Green Machine Green Cleaning is to provide hazard free solutions for the washroom cleaning.

The Green Cleaning by Green Machine moves ahead to use green technology for entire buildings too.

Bacteria and Enzymes based cleaning solutions: The cleaning products based on bacteria and enzymes are non hazardous, COSHH free and multi-level cleaners limit the impact on health and safety. The cleaning solutions are broken down in waterways thus hazardous impact on environment is completely eliminated.

Air Purifying Systems: These solutions are non-chemical. They ensure to kill bacteria, viruses, mould and mildew besides purifying air from odours.The air purifying systems are so versatile that these could be used outside washrooms in meeting rooms and reception. The fragrance rejuvenates the environment, while the air purifiers kills harmful entities from the air. The systems are easy to use and install, with no chemicals or perfumes to be added. Additionally, theses don’t require any filters to change.

Microfibre Technology: Green Machine incorporates the latest technologies in its  cleaning repertoire. Microfibre is one such technology that is used for cleaning surfaces. The microfibres are designed in such a way that they kill the germs and harmful elements from the surfaces. The microfibres are strong and are more useful in cleaning surfaces.

Cool Air Hand Dryers: The two main areas for environment’s protection are energy efficiency and environment friendliness. Green Machine understands your need of energy efficient hand dryers. The cool air hand dryers reduces the energy consumption up to 70 percent. Moreover, these are more hygienic as compared to other hand drying products e.g., towels, disposable paper towels etc.

DEFRA Endorsed Washroom Products: DEFRA is Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This authority monitors the products that have medical effect. Green Machine uses washroom and other products which are DEFRA endorsed.

With DEFRA approved products you can rest assured that your skin and the environment, both remain safe. Products that come in contact with people need to be balanced, non harmful and measured for safety. Green Machine understands this responsibility and uses utmost care in giving safe products to our cleaning operatives for use on our clients buildings.

‘Go Green’ is the mantra for the near future world. With Green Machine you are sure, that environment and health are both protected and cared for. Choose the Green Cleaning Solutions that fit your needs.

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