Green Machine is a professional cleaning service that literally lives up to its slogan.

Most of the time, the companies make a slogan without realising that they have to live up to what they are claiming.

The slogans are just cliches, that companies invent to look professional. According to communication principles, the slogan is the counterpart of philosophy or perception of life. This is not the case with Green Machine.

The company believes what it stands for. As the slogan of the company suggest- Clean, Protect, Care, the company provides optimum professional services for cleaning the premises, then extends their service to protect the environment and lastly provides services which show our concern and care for the cleanliness needs of the clients and the environment.

Clean: The eco friendly and green cleaning services provided by Green Machine is unparalleled and shows the philosophy of company to clean the environment in a manner which eliminates pollution and does not increases it. The company uses cleaning products which reduces environmental damage and waste of energy. Then, the office cleaning services exclusively designed for your needs of workplace elaborates our cleaning philosophy. Whether it is single or multiple site premises, our expert team of cleaning staff understand your needs and deliver the best cleaning solutions.

Office cleaning Bristol and throughout the South West from a single room to full buildings, your requirements are our priority.

Washroom cleaning was never taken seriously before Green Machine cleaning services. Green Machine’s monitoring and cleaning services ensures hygiene practices of highest standards.

Protect: The cleaning process remains incomplete if the cleaning process is not done continuously. Green Machine Cleaning Services understands this basic principle of cleanliness and therefore provide services that will ensure that cleanliness in the environment is preserved.

Once cleaning process is complete, we provide services on daily, weekly, monthly, day or night basis which makes sure that the environment remains clean and pure. Our pest control service makes certain that the pest from germs to rodents don’t mess with your workplace, business and home’s cleanliness.

Care: To show our valued customers that their cleaning needs are our priority we provide customer care service which keeps track of your views and needs. With services such as daily, periodic, seasonal and deep clean, we prove through our services that we care. We care about your cleaning requirements. For example, through confidential waste cleaning we make sure that your confidential data remains safe. The waste from your premises is collected in sealed bags which is then shredded with utmost care and confidentiality.

Through our slogan we practice what we believe. Our slogan- Clean, Protect, Care proves that actions are more important than words. These are not merely some words, you will believe them once you use cleaning services of Green Machine.

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