Your office speaks volumes about your professionalism, philosophy and the value you put on your clients. Prospective clients and partners judge your worth by the level of cleanliness they encounter in your premises. You risk losing business if your facility is filthy, dusty and smelly. On the other hand, you prospects of impacting visitors positively are greatly enhanced by impeccable rooms, natural flowers and sweet aromas within and without your office block.

Green Machines is the leading company in office cleaning in Bristol.

At Green Machine we endeavor to enhance the aura of your office through environmentally- friendly cleaning products and strategies. We believe in green quality cleaning services for all our clients. Our work is to make your office a pleasant place to work from. It is as if we will bring nature and the outdoors into your office. Unlike our competitors, we place great value in conserving the environment and ensuring that it is sustainable.

Green Machine SW does not discriminate its clients. We serve large established multinationals as well as new firms that are just starting out. Our services daily office cleaning services have been commended by all the clients we have worked with considering that, irrespective of the size of the office, we give the same quality of service. We are the company that offers the best cleaning in Bath.

We offer holistic office cleaning Plymouth area. We do not believe in cleaning the office floor or windows only. We want our services to encompass washrooms, carpets and general hygiene of the office among others aspects. We set higher standards for ourselves than the officer owner does. Enhanced service delivery and customer satisfaction are the results of such efforts.

Green Machine SW have a skilled and experienced staff that can perform many different functions. Our employment policy only allows us to engage people having requisite academic qualifications, skills and experience in the areas we handle. Our employees are also required to maintain the highest levels of integrity and service delivery. We carry out reference checks for every worker that we engage. Our supervisors carry out regular and impromptu checks on our staff during working hours, to ensure that the latter adhere to all the stipulated standards, and that they respect the client’s premises.

Some of the services we are renowned for in office cleaning, Plymouth area, and other localities include:

  • Excellent carpet cleaning using modern equipment
  • Washroom cleaning and hygiene
  • Cleaning office when you move in or when you are moving out
  • Construction cleaning in Bath

Once we have signed a service agreement with you, we work out an office cleaning schedule that will not inconvenience you or your staff members. We let you state the times that you want our employees to be at your premises to prepare it for the day’s activities. Green Machine understands that all client’s have their unique requirements. We, therefore, do not operate using a general policy but rather customize our services to the client’s needs. Our working hours are flexible. We work throughout the day and the week and or out of your normal working hours.

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