It’s important to have a great environment to work in as it directly influences results across your business.

You can hire a Bristol cleaning service on a one off engagement for a deep clean or spring clean or you can work with them permanently. The choice is yours, but you may have to try a few before you see results that you can live with.

There may be lots and lots of companies offering Bristol Cleaning Services, some offer cheap services some offer higher quality, some offer Green Cleaning and some offer efficient cleaning, most Bristol Cleaning Companies offer similar services at different levels of quality and affordability, its important that you find a Bristol Cleaning Company that meets your needs and manages the service for you and with you.

Which Is More Important – Price or Value?

More often than not the price you pay is a reflection of the investment the cleaning company will invest in your Daily Office cleaning, simply put the more time invested the higher the cost. Having a lower cost often means less cleaning or management time .

When choosing a office cleaning services provider make sure you are happy with the cleaning specification and understand your responsibilities within the agreement as well as the responsibilities of the service provider.

You will need to Trust your cleaning partner – do your research

As mentioned, there are many companies to pick from, but choose a Bristol cleaning service that is already doing really well, with lots of happy customers and a vision that involves great service.

Search the company by name try “Green Machine SW” and look for reviews and comments from other customer’s, ensure they are a real company paying taxes and well known and reported on the internet.

Check Whether They Are Certified

It’s important to check whether the business is certified or not. Many may promise great service but end up giving you mediocre results; so, it’s important to verify their credentials before joining hands with them.

Key Certifications Include

ISO 9001 – Quality management Systems

Bics – British Institute of Cleaning Science

Safe Contractor

Make Sure You Have A Cleaning Schedule

Know what you are getting included within the service and what is excluded, this is called a cleaning schedule and it is what you measure the service against.

Are They Putting You at Risk?

Ensure that the cleaning company has and leaves the following process’s on your site.

  1. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Assessments
  2. Method Statements For Each task on your Cleaning Schedule
  3. Risk Assessments for each task on the cleaning schedule
  4. Staff Training Plan to ensure the risk of harm on your premises is reduced

You have a legal obligation to ensure these are available and you can ensure your Service provider manages this for you as they will be delivering the cleaning equipment and staff.

Measure the quality of the service regularly

Most businesses will naturally have envisioned a certain amount of cleanliness that they expect from a cleaning service. After a fortnight or so, assess them by having a meeting with your office staff – with the top management or the employees themselves – and get feedback on whether they are satisfied with the cleaning.

Then repeat this with the cleaning partner every month, seemingly small things such as this will help you understand what you need from your Bristol cleaning service, and help you gain the best value from your Bristol Cleaning service partner

This is not an exhaustive list

The list on how to get the most from your Bristol Cleaning Services partner can be endless, put these tips in to action and regularly communicate with the management of your cleaning company to get the most from them and don’t forget to share your experiences with others use Social Media or Google to leave reviews.

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