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How to maintain cleaning during COVID-19

In partnership NHS England, Green Machine have produced a new COVID-19 procedure detailing a breakdown of essential cleaning that should occur to remain COVID secure.

If you have a suspected case, we advise the following:

  • Switch off all air conditioning
  • Open the window of the infected room(s)
  • Lock the door and place a sign on the door – stating out of use
  • Contact Green Machine immediately on 01823 294040 to arrange a deep clean

Cleaning high contact surfaces between cleans

During this current time all desks, work surfaces, and floors should be kept clear. Encourage your employees to remove all personal items from their workspace and rooms.

During a deep clean, personal items found in the room such as coats or bags, will be placed in a double sealed clinical bag. They will be placed in quarantine until the test results of the patient are received back.

Green Machine’s deep clean procedure

Any suspected room/s will be sprayed or fogged followed by a full clean using disposable clinical wipes and disposable mop heads. The wipes we use kill MRSA, Nora Virus and H1N1. All hard surfaces including, floors, chairs, doors/handles, reusable non-invasive care equipment, and sanitary fittings in the room will be disinfected.

A completed contaminated room checklist sheet will be emailed to you following the deep clean.

If a deep clean is needed, Green Machine’s infection control team will be able to attend your practice in full PPE.

Read more about our COVID-19 cleaning procedure.

If you would like to know more about Green Machine’s services or would like to book a deep clean email Jerome on or call 07719 812167.

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