You might have seen that our customers enjoy the privilege of interior landscaping that is especially done by our staff for our beloved clients.
Being an office cleaning Bristol Company, we believe that it is important for us to offer services that might help in increasing the productivity of your business.
Interior landscaping is also one of our services that have many benefits attached to it and because of these benefits we are more than happy to offer it.

Plants Enhance Productivity

Your office cleaning Bristol Company knows the importance of cleanliness and the productivity of your business. It works hard to provide a cleaned office that will help you improve your efficiency.
What most of the office cleaning Bristol service providers don’t know, is that plants are an amazing way of increasing productivity of your business. Research proves that plants enhance the output of a business by 12%.
An efficient office cleaning Bristol Company can provide its clients with interior landscaping service so that customers can enhance the productivity of their business.
It is amazing how a simple task like interior landscaping by your office cleaning Bristol Company can affect your business dramatically.

Plants increase the Overall Indoor Aesthetics

Looks and appearance of a business office are very important. An office cleaning Bristol Company plays its part by keeping and maintaining the offices clean and neat at all times.
But there is another way in which an office cleaning Bristol Company can improve the overall indoor aesthetics of their clients’ office that is by interior landscaping.
Plants help in increasing the overall aesthetics of your office. They make your office all green and natural.

Plants make Workers Stress-Free and Efficient

There is a close relationship between tranquility and plants. Plants offer a peaceful and stress-free environment which helps in increasing the efficiency of your workers.
Although cleaning services provided by your office cleaning Bristol Company makes your office a better place to work in, but the presence of interior landscaping is like a cherry on top.
Workers generally feel relaxed in a natural environment. Plants also somehow reduce sick leaves or absenteeism among workers.

Plants reduce Indoor Noise

Your office cleaning Bristol staff might not be able to contribute in reducing the overall indoor noise of your office; rather they can increase it by using cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners.
One way of reducing indoor noise as proved by studies is to place plants inside your office. This can be only done by a good interior landscaping.
It is interesting how plants can do so much for us yet companies usually oversee their benefits. But same is not true for us, your office cleaning Bristol Company.
We love to keep ahead of others. We, at Green Machine, are already offering the efficiency increasing service of Interior Landscaping.
Like our other satisfied customers, if you also want to avail this service then call us at 01278 773666 or email us at and we will recommend a scheme to suit any location and budget.

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