Imagine the scenario, a customer you hoping to work with visits your offices, you are pitching for the project and the prospect asks to be excused for a few moments, he goes to visit your washroom facilities. What he sees here will have an impact on what you say about your business.

As a consequence, cleaning the office toilet is something that should go into the daily “must do” list. In fact, one of the ways you can judge a cleaning service is by making sure whether they do their toilet cleaning well.

Let’s talk about the steps to clean a toilet.

  • If you are in business then your toilet will be used frequently, by staff, visitors and customers, cleaning the toilet should happen regularly throughout the day. Ensure the toilets are regularly cleaned as part of the daily office cleaning schedule.
  • The way to clean a toilet is easy if you follow a regular routine with fixed tasks. Start at the top and clean down.
  • First, you need to warn others that the toilet is being cleaned place out your warning signs and let others know there may be risks (Slips or falls) and the toilet may be out of use for a few moments.
  • To start the cleaning process within the bowls, flush or rinse away any debris.
  • Next apply any disinfectant and clean the toilet with a toilet scrub brush. Also, make sure the mirrors, shelf’s and floors are cleaned well.
  • Make sure you have rubber gloves and protective eye wear to protect your skin from abrasive cleaning chemicals and waste body fluids.
  • After the cleaning process is done, you need to replenish any paper towels, toilet papers and consumable items.
  • If you are using cleaning spray, make sure it’s an all-purpose one. These can be used on doors, mirrors, floors and any other smooth, non-porous surface.
  • The all-purpose cleaner needs to be sprayed even in the base of the toilet, as small things like this do matter.
  • Make sure the dustbin is neat. Make sure, before you leave the bathroom, that you put a cover or a bin liner in the dustbin so that after all the waste is collected and all you have to do is just dispose it without having to touch the waste.
  • After all the cleaning is done, make sure all the waste is not left irresponsibly
  • Since the bowl needs to be cleaned the most, make sure you start with that and then move to other parts of the toilet.
  • Finally Spray the room with good quality air freshener or ensure the air smells fresh, in preparation for the next user.
  • It’s also the responsibility of the people who use the toilet to make sure that it is clean. Yes, cleaning services take a lot of trouble to clean different places in your office, but it’s the responsibility of the users too to make sure that they leave a toilet in a way that doesn’t give the next user an unpleasant shock!

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