Thinking of saving costs in your business then looking at the cost of reducing your cleaning budget must come high on the agenda.

In this article we look at Office Cleaning Bristol – The jobs you need an office cleaning partner for.

Without doubt in most working environments you need to have a regular cleaning schedule, a cleaning schedule has to include the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks, most of these can be done by your in-house cleaning team.

Cleaning Operative Training

However just like every other employee, cleaners need to be trained, motivated and supervised. Outsourcing the management of your office cleaning Bristol cleaning operation can save cost and ensure your staff are well trained in correct Office Cleaning and hygiene techniques and can show a level of competency.

Slips and falls are probably the most common workplace accident, in the event that an employee or visitor has an accident you may need to include in your RIDDOR accident report both the circumstances surrounding the accident and the level of training and supervision provided to the cleaning operative.

Without a regulated cleaning schedule and cleaning operative training plan the cleaning and hygiene will not be managed, and you may find that the insurance company will not support you in any cleaning / accident related claims.

Carpet Cleaning

Spilled coffee, ground in dirt and debris, all take their toll on your office carpet, your carpet can very quickly become a reflection of all those spills, products and office lunches your company has consumed during lunch break over the years.

From time to time your Carpet will need a freshen up and in some cases bringing back to life, hiring a carpet cleaner from a DIY store can be the answer, all you have to do is collect them and start using them right…… wrong.

You could easily end up with a worse looking carpet after you have cleaned it, and if you are using a wet wash then the area may not be used for hours afterwards.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned will ensure that there is no chemical reaction to using different detergents, the areas are cleaned and dried correctly and available for use when you need them.

By employing a cleaning service that has expertise in carpet cleaning, such as Green Machine SW you could save money by getting it done properly the first time, and then every time. Green Machine SW are specialists at reinvigorating your carpets and saving you the time, risk and effort in Carpet Cleaning. Call Green Machine SW, Office Cleaning Bristol specialists on 01278 773666

Window Cleaning

Windows need cleaning and having a workable window cleaning schedule can give your staff and visitors a lasting impression.  The modern office often has more internal glass then external windows yet we often forget to clean those streaky or finger marks off the door glass and office partitions.

On the external windows in those hard to reach areas, birds and the weather can take its toll on your external glass.

Window cleaning is a risky business, not just the potential to scratch and damage the windows, we also have working at height legislation that needs to be followed to reduce the risk of accidents.

That is why it is always important that you hire professionals to clean your windows.

Need a window cleaning quotation call 01278 773666

Sterile Environment

Doctor’s surgeries, nurses rooms, hospitals, and other medical facilities all require the upmost precision in ensuring that these environments are kept sterile. As do data centres, computer rooms and highly secure areas.  Having easy access to the professional skills that can clean with sterile tools and often without fluid is a tough ask unless you work with a cleaning partner.

Having a cleaning process that includes COSHH assessments, method statements and risk assessments of best left to the professionals

Large Scale Cleaning

If you have a major event such as a festival, sports event or music that needs a rapid clean-up then having access to the labour, equipment and skills may not be an easy ask.

By investing in some professional help, you can have a whole troupe of cleaners at your disposal that can clean the premises after you leave, you’ll have a fresh and clean workplace to come back to every morning.

Spring Clean or Deep-Clean

From time to time your business needs a deep clean or an annual spring clean to get to those areas not included in the daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

Getting some professional cleaning help need not cost you the earth. And you can relax in the knowledge that the work is done correctly.

Short term cost saving may cost you more in the long run. Looking for a professional Office cleaning Bristol partner then look towards Green Machine SW

Need to know more about green cleaning, daily office cleaning or washroom services, how to reduce the cost of your Office Cleaning Bristol services? call Green Machine SW on Tel: 01278 773666

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