With Green Machine SW as your office cleaning Taunton partner, we work throughout the year to keep your office neat and clean. Whether its summer or winter, we are always there to serve you.
Generally and at least once per year we like to undertake a good deep clean, cleaning the high level and sprucing up the carpets and getting in behind and underneath all the furniture. We generally refer to this as a spring clean, getting rid of the winters dirt and grime in preparation for the sunny conditions.
Sometimes due to the prevailing weather conditions your office cleaning Taunton Company has to go a step further in order to fulfill your requirements in every possible way.
During winters it is usually difficult to keep your office clean all the time. But we will provide you with a few tips that will help you in constantly keeping your office spotless.

Expert Guidance

One of the key benefits of hiring a specialist cleaning company for your business is that you are not just taking on extra staff, training them and managing their work conditions, At Green Machine SW we offer expert guidance, because of our experience and knowledge in the cleaning and support services industry. See our Accreditations.
Typically a good cleaning company should have the confidence and capability to offer your business more value then their cleaning services, At Green Machine SW we offer you guidance about how often various tasks should be performed, the best ways to improve presentation in the office and how to maintain it using green credentials and best practices.Of course, the benefits of our knowledge can be two-fold.
Firstly, you receive regular expert advice guidance on how the office will or should be maintained, with a focus on presentation and vale in maintenance. Green Machine SW aim to reduce on-going issues.
Secondly, our experienced team of office cleaners will be quicker, more efficient and more effective in their roles, due to the continuous and on-going training and performance measurement we adapt on your behalf. In this respect you get more value from Green Machine SW.

Extended Range of Services

Window cleaning

Clean windows have a good psychological impact on everyone. Either it’s your customers waiting for their turn or your employees doing their job, looking out of the window is the most natural thing to do.
During spring a lot of moisture gets built up on the windows. Your office cleaning Taunton Company must place extra attention on keeping your windows clean.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting can be really expensive, yet for most firms there needs to be a real investment in maintaining the carpets and floor surfaces. Carpeting is a highly appropriate surface for flooring in a range of commercial settings.
However, those who travel over it or work with it beneath them can become highly sensitive to its condition.
Typically, we often judge the quality of a hotel or company offices by our first impressions of the floor covering. Therefore it often pays to lay expensive and durable high quality carpets in areas of high usage, but it makes good sense to ensure that it is always in pristine condition.
Green Machine SW will work with you to introduce a comprehensive floor maintenance program.

Washroom Cleaning

At Green Machine SW, we provide a complete washroom cleaning and management service, as part of your Daily office cleaning service or as a one off task. Green Machine offers a full and bespoke service inclusive of all labour, materials and cleaning equipment, we can also manage the replenishment of your consumable items or advice on cleansing products and hand drying options.
The Green Machine washroom cleaning service can range from a simple daily washroom cleaning to the full supply of all washroom products. Our professional washroom services include sanitary waste disposal, sanitary hygiene services, sanitary bins, feminine hygiene units, sanitary vending, air fresheners, sanitisers, nappy waste disposal, medical waste disposal, hand dryers, entrance mats and linen roll towels.
Our experienced personnel will advise you and manage the right washroom solution for your business or leisure facility we can advise or ensure you comply with current legislation.
A green Machine our service management team are focused on continually monitoring our team, our performance and the products we supply, we are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of service to our customers and their visitors.

Trust Green Machine SW

Now that you know the ways in Green Machine SW can partner with you to manage all yoiur on-off cleaning and spring cleaning needs you may want to give Green Machine SW a call on 01278 773666 or email us at jrellis@greenmachinesw.co.uk

Speak to an expert and get professional advice on your Deep Cleaning Needs

So if you want to retain our professional Carpet cleaning services, washroom services or simply have a chat about a one off clean thenplease feel free to ring us at 01278 773666 or send in an email at jrellis@greenmachinesw.co.uk

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