It’s easy to make a successful career as a cleaner. With the increase in the number of cleaning services, there are obviously a high number of cleaners who are ready to be competitive in the market.

In this article we look at what are the traits of a great cleaner and ask the question do great cleaners have to have an obsessive cleaning disorder.


Companies trust cleaners and allow them to enter restricted spaces and sometimes ad restrictive times.

Since cleaners get access to most places, they should be trustworthy and honest. There have been cases where cleaning services have suffered because their cleaners engaged in things like theft. Even though you are entering into a business agreement with a company, don’t forget that companies are made up of people. Trust is all about keeping your word and sticking to it. For example, if you say you will be coming at 10 am, you should be there on the stroke of 10 – no later. Companies take note of all these details while hiring, so if you are serious about a career in janitorial services, this is important to keep in mind.

Eye For Detail

If you do cleaning as a hobby or merely as a means to make money, you may have the disadvantage of not being able to pay attention to detail. Seasoned employers know how to spot a fake from a mile off, so you needn’t bother pulling the wool over their eyes – you will get caught some day.

Grooming And Personal Hygiene

You do cleaning but you are not clean. It’s critically important if you are cleaner to make sure that you are well-groomed and clean yourself. As cleaners have to be on the move always, they have to make sure they have the stamina to undertake any cleaning tasks assigned to them. It’s always nice to look at a cleaner who is well-groomed; conversely, it is not very pleasing to see a shabby-looking cleaner – even if he is a master at work.

Do You Know Enough?

It’s important to know all the small details about the job as these will help in performing the tasks better. There is no harm in studying about things that will probably help you in your job. If you are a commercial cleaner, you can learn about aspects of cleaning in buildings, the use of commercial cleaning compounds and such.

Are you a Long-termer or a Temp?

If you are working merely to earn some pocket money, it will have a way of showing in your work. Do what you do with dedication, and make sure you enjoy what you do. Only then will businesses trust your work and recommend you to other companies when the time comes. If you want good testimonials, then you should work hard, enjoy what you do and give the best results to the company.

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