A Guide to cleaning in your GP Practice

We all know that cleaning is essential in any GP practice, it is vital in the prevention of the spread of infection as well as maintaining a level of hygiene for your staff.

However, are there areas that could be improved? If so, what are those improvements and how can they be implemented?

How is cleaning measured in your general practice?

How do you measure good cleaning practices? There is the Health and Safety at Work Act, The Workplace Regulations, and of course COSHH (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). All of these are in place to ensure a safe environment for your employees and your patients. So why do the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning. In GP practices, footfall is high, you will get 10’s of patients through your doors all with an ailment which may not be diagnosed and are potentially at risk of spreading.

Ensuring good practices with regards to cleaning in your practice will ensure the risk is at it is minimum. Gaining staff and patient safety.

What are the signs to look out for to suggest you need to make changes?

How is staff morale? Are you getting any feedback from your employees about the staff room looking grubby or the dust in the toilets? Ensure you are listening to your employees – they will often be seeing the ‘missed’ areas from the daily clean.

Are you receiving any complaints from your patients? Are they happy with the standard of cleanliness in your practice? They will be sitting, sometimes for long periods, in waiting areas inspecting every area. The last thing you want is to be pulled up on the stains on the seats or cobwebs in the corner of a room. You want them to feel safe in this environment, and not have any doubts with your cleaning standards.

Also, do you notice anything which could be improved? Are there areas you notice being missed regularly and just put it down to day to day business? Don’t be afraid to pull your cleaner up on these queries.

How has COVID changed things?

You will no doubt have put extra practices in place since COVID and probably have undergone a deep clean to ensure any risks are prevented.

The pandemic has changed everyone’s views, as a society, of how we look at cleaning and how we can increase our ongoing standards.

If you haven’t had a deep clean in your GP practice, Green Machine offer deep clean services getting your room back in use in just an hour!

CQC compliances

You will know that the CQC (Care Quality Commission) exists to independently regulate health and social care services. When inspecting your practice, the CQC will look at five key areas, and these are whether your service is safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led.

CQC Legislation means that you will need advice on developing in-house control procedures, tailored cleaning schedules, and implement a staff training regime.

Green Machine SW has a 100% pass rate with CQC compliance and can help you achieve the same for your practice.

How to implement changes

To achieve optimal results, ensure that there are regular audits in place. Green Machine SW carries out their Audits every month to ensure you are happy with your current set up. It allows changes to be made regularly.

You might have a trusted cleaner but unsatisfied with their performance and want standards raised. When you enter a new contract, that company is obligated to offer the current cleaning staff employment so they can continue to work for you but under new and higher standards.

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