Green Machine SW one of the Premier cleaning companies in Taunton

In this article, Green Machine SW look at what it takes to makes us one of the Premier cleaning companies in Taunton

Anyone can make promises, but not every cleaning company in Taunton will deliver the reliability, quality and cost-effective service that you are looking for. Green Machine SW are a specialist Office Cleaning Taunton firm with many local business’s trusting us with their daily cleaning needs.
1.We work towards building long term relationships and excellent rapport with our customers.

2. You will have a quick response to queries, excellent customer care and access to our management.

3. We are an experienced and highly versatile, properly accredited company, with a full Health & Safety policy in place.

If you are looking for a reliable company to look after your workplace, please call us on 01278 773666 or contact us for a free quote, or visits our web site

One of the things we constantly hear from our customers is how easy it is to engage with Green Machine SW and this is one reason we are rated as one of the Premier cleaning companies in Taunton, we offer a free cleaning survey and

Why Partner with Green Machine SW for your Taunton Office Cleaning

What makes Green Machine SW amongst the best office Cleaning Companies in Taunton?

In this article Green Machine SW, a Taunton Cleaning Company answers the question about Office Cleaning Taunton, and provide 10 reasons to choose Green Machine SW as your preferred cleaning company in Taunton.

  • Experienced Taunton Office Cleaning Company
    Established in 2003, Green Machine SW has been cleaning offices in Taunton  for in excess of 10 years. Green Machine SW has seen many cleaning companies come and go in that time, however one constant in the cleaning service the Green Machine SW provides is Quality.
    a. Green Machine SW only employ the best cleaners in Taunton ,
    b. Green Machine SW will recruit, train and manage  the cleaners providing your daily office cleaning service properly.
    c. Green Machine SW only provide the very best cleaning  equipment and materials  ensure the cleaning routine is efficient and to the highest cleaning standards.
    d. Green Machine SW provides a flexible Daily office cleaning service , delivering what you need and when you need it.
    e. Green Machine SW measure the standard of service we provide and continuously improve the daily office cleaning in your Taunton offices.
    Because our experience is the foundation of our Cleaning Service, we focus on managing both the cleaning service and our client’s needs, this is the reason why we have managed to retain so many of our office cleaning clients in Taunton  year after year.
  • Highly Skilled Team of Cleaners in Taunton 
    All Green Machine SW  staff are experts in their field. We train our staff to Bics Standards and they take pride in the service we each deliver.
  • Environmental Policy
    Green Machine SW recognize that every company has an impact on the world and we know we have a duty of care in the services we provide. At Green Machine SW we take our environmental impact seriously and always strive to use environmentally friendly materials and eco-friendly products We offer our customers biodegradable and recycled products, where appropriate.
  • Active Health and Safety
    Like you, Green Machine SW takes our Health and Safety responsibilities very seriously. Prior to starting work with you, method Statements and Risk Assessments are provided, all of our equipment is tested on a regular basis, COSHH Assessments are available for all products and materials that are used and all of our operatives are fully trained in basic health and safety.
  • Affordability and Cost
    Our outstanding service is available to you at a very competitive and flexible pricing. We pride ourselves on being excellent value for money.
  • Highest Quality
    Green Machine SW are proud to be one of Taunton ’s top office cleaning services providers, You don’t get to retain as many customers, clean as many offices and wash as many windows as we do without being really good at it!
  • Professional Service – Personalised
    No two customers are the same, at Green Machine SW we know that everybody’s needs are different, and we’ll offer you a completely bespoke service. You’re the boss, it’s your office, your staff and your visitors will see what we do, let’s not forget,  it’s your needs that matter most.
  • You’re Peace of Mind
    We maintain a comprehensive insurance policy, specific to the cleaning industry and we offer total peace of mind services, so that you don’t ever have to worry, we are comprehensively ensured. We have £10m cover for Employer’s Liability, and £5m for Public and Products Liability.
  • Top of the Range Equipment
    The equipment we use is always top of the range, we rely upon having the best staff using the best equipment to deliver the best results, that you can depend upon. Our equipment is designed to do the job quickly and efficiently, we also look to reduce water and chemical usage, because we care about the environment and want to stay cost effective.
  • Award Winning Accreditations
    Green Machine SW aim to provide the best possible service. We’re constantly improving as we want to maintain our position as the number one choice for commercial cleaning needs in Taunton . We are a SAFE Contractor Assured, We are a proud member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science,(Bics) and we are CLENSA approved

If you are looking for a reliable company to look after your workplace, please call us on 01278 773666 or contact us for a free quote.

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