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Imagine the scenario, you are sitting in one of the best restaurant in the town. Suddenly, you notice a mouse or cockroach sneaking from a hole to the next. Would you be able to finish your meal?

Or in the worst case scenario, some insect is found in the food. Would you ever visit that restaurant again? For most of the people the answer is obvious.

The business – in the above case, the restaurant cannot afford for this to happen this in the first place, because the grapevine about the insect discovery would eventually reach other customers. The restaurant would lose its precious customers, not to talk of the image and reputation.

Insects, rodents, pest and other creatures can not only tarnish the reputation and image but they can be harmful for health and environment too. Green Machine understands the importance of pest control. It provides commercial and public sector pest control solutions.

Pest Control Service: Through general pest control service, Green Machine can routinely monitor and remove pests and other creatures efficiently, humanely and in environment friendly way. Green Machine, besides the general pest control service, provides range of pest control services.

Rodent Monitoring and Control: The rodents are the most illustrious of all creatures living with humans. The harmful effects of rodents is no secret. From the plagues to the infections, the relations of humans with rodents has never been congenial. Green Machine understands this problems and extends its service for rodent monitoring and control. Through different methods and products, our team exterminate the rodents in efficient and safe manner.

Rodent Full Building Proofing: After exterminating the rodents, the next logical step would be to make sure that they don’t find safe heaven in your premises once again. For this purpose, the Green Machine offers building proofing service. Exterminating the pests and rodents is half the battle won, the other half is to destroy the hideouts.

Fumigation: In some cases, it becomes necessary to carry out Fumigation. Our expert team of professionals help achieve fumigation in most environmentally friendly way. The fumigation option is good for both insects and rodents alike. Talk with Green Machine experts about the pest control of your premises.

Insect Identification Service: Identifying insects is necessary for taking the right course of eliminating option. Green Machine insect identification service does the same. Identify the insects and then adopt the best extermination option.

Wildlife Advice and Management: Although the rodents and insects are harmful for health and environment but wildlife advice and management service will help you decide the ethical issues involved in the extermination. The Green Machine Wildlife Advice and Management service is exclusively designed to address the issue of ethics and environment cleanliness.

With Green Machine Pest Control and Advisory service your image is not at stake anymore. Select the most appropriate service or talk to the experts at Green Machine for pest control.

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