Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us
For Your Cleaning

There are over 10,000 cleaning companies in the UK, most of them small regional contractors. So how do you choose the correct service provider?

Our quality systems, strict compliance with the law on immigration checks and health and safety, plus our ethical stance on supply chain management make us the first choice for many organisations, both large and small.


We believe in GIVING FIRST
When you become a Green Machine customer, your first Deep Clean will be FREE!

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Reasons to Choose Us

Have a look at just some of the reasons why you should choose Green Machine for your cleaning and environmental services:

1. Smooth mobilisation of contracts.
You appoint a new cleaning company – what then? If they don’t get it right from day one then chances are, it’s never going to work. We mobilise contracts day in, day out, from small and simple to large and complex.

2. Quality Systems.
We are accredited to ISO9001 and Safe Contractor.

Our Approach to Health & Safety

Best Practice Standards

We have a local regional based team of fully qualified health and safety experts who work with our management teams to ensure strict compliance with the law.

why choose us - health & safety

Comprehensive Support

Ensuring a Legal Workforce

We have a team of HR and payroll experts around the country who help ensure that the Green Machine people who work at your site are legally entitled to do so.

Why Choose Us Comprehensive Support
Why Choose Us?