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Water Management Systems

Managing and auditing the cleaning regime in a washroom has never been easier since the introduction of Green Machine’s washroom facilities monitor. It is proven that using the washroom facilities monitor in high traffic volume washrooms improves cleaning management. Your business image and customer confidence, with a real time clock, and a 3 year battery lifespan, washroom management is made easier.

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Air Purifying Systems

Using a washroom shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience for the user, but often because of strong odours it can be.

Green Machine can provide a range of air purifying products that are perfect for washrooms but versatile enough to also use in receptions and meeting rooms.

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Hand Drying

Ranging from large-scale washrooms to single private washrooms, Green Machine has a hand drying product to suit. We understand that individuals have specific preferences when it comes to drying hands. Many prefer traditional roll towels, others want disposable paper hand towels and some feel more comfortable with warm air hand dryers, we cover all needs.

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Hand Sanitising

Washing, thoroughly cleaning and drying your hands is a simple but vital necessity in a washroom. Make the experience a pleasure by discovering an option to suit you. In situations where continual hand washing is not possible we offer hand sanitisers – perfect for first-aid rooms, catering, kitchens, surgeries, schools, food preparation factories, and anywhere where there is no regular hand wash facility close by.

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Feminine Hygiene

Our feminine hygiene disposal service provides the safeguard of knowing that health, social and environmental concerns have been dealt with satisfactorily. More importantly the legal issue is covered. For women, we therefore provide a clean, safe, hands-free system. All our units contain Activap™, a unique chemical free germicide to render the waste harmless to individuals and safe for our environment.

Washroom Cleaning Services